Friday, October 1, 2010

Blind Faith: Politics and Religion

There is a reason it's inappropriate to discuss religion and politics in public... because most will fight to a bloody death in defending their beliefs.  Even when they aren't really sure what they believe and are simply smitten by the one who delivered it.


Whether it's religion or politics... Man (and women) can win the trust of mankind by kissing babies, standing for a cause and delivering a heartfelt message with passion.  In politics, it's seemingly okay because the man tells you that he wants your vote.  But in church, no matter how hard we try, it's very difficult to separate the message from a charismatic messenger.  Jim Jones lead hundreds of "followers" to their deaths... killing their babies along with them. 

What is this blind faith in man?  What is wrong with us?  Even the Bible teaches us to ONLY trust in God and NEVER trust in man.  Why is it so difficult? 

Most people need and want to believe in something tangible.  Something or someone, they can see, hear, smell and touch.  A message alone is just not enough no matter how "on point" it is.  We need and desire the messenger that can bring the message to life in such a way that we feel it's personally ours.  Whether it's a message of equality, change, prosperity, hope or salvation... we fall for the deliverer because he (or she) delivered it the way we needed to hear it.

But let's recognize that the messenger is just that... a human messenger.  And 9 times out of 10, is someone that has an agenda that has nothing to do with you.  Whether it is to be elected president the most dominate country of the world or to have the largest church in America with a membership spread around the world. 

I am in no way shape or form suggesting to abandon all of your favorite, articulate leaders.  Nor am I saying to never listen and/or believe the words of an eloquent messenger.  But I am saying, be aware that these people are humans, not Christ.  No one walking among us is perfect.  NO ONE.

So should you learn that the person you admire most in this world--from Martin Luther King to Tupac to Sarah Palin-- may have actually done some things in THEIR lives, that had nothing to do with you, that goes against everything you believed them to be... don't posse up and lynch everyone else simply because YOU feel betrayed.  We learned after the Jim Jones massacre that he was an abusive sexual pervert, who slept with and raped the women and daughters of his church membership.  Sadly, there were many around him who knew it, but drank the poison for HIM anyway.

Don't blindly put all of your faith in ANY imperfect human being.  Only Christ was perfect. Keep your eyes open!  Learn to separate the message from the "current" messenger. 


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