Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crazy Talk!

I once heard it said that every family has a crazy person in it and if you don't know who it is... it is probably YOU!

The conversation of mental health has really been at the forefront of news and discussions with all of the recent shooting sprees around the country.  What really got my attention of the issue is the search for Teleka Patrick.  Every new piece of information hints that she may have had some undetected mental issues.

Here's what bothers me... no one close to her knew.  Granted, it was her ex-husband that finally said something.  But by this time most of us had already watched the videos that were discovered. Videos that caused you to tilt your head to the side for understanding.  Then we learned that she was stalking Marvin Sapp, and did so under additional questionable circumstances  (He and his body guards were later cleared of any association with her missing), but the whispers continue.  Whispers that she may have been crazy... or to be politically correct, "mentally disturbed."

This got me thinking about my own sanity. Because this could be me.  So, "Am I crazy?  Is there a chance that I'm mentally disturbed and don't know it?"  The answer really depends on who you ask.  Seriously.  Who among us has not done, said, or thought about some questionable things then wondered if we were losing our minds?

The questions to family members are always, "Did you see any signs?"  "Did you know something was wrong?"  Asking neighbors, "Did you see anything unusual going on."  Most of the answers give nothing away.  Or someone random will mention something that sounds crazy but is really very normal.  "Well, he always did mow his lawn after the sun went down."  Is that crazy?  Or smart, because he didn't want to work in the heat?

What are the signs?  Do I have them?  Are they detectable?  Is there a list somewhere for me to check? Who wrote that list?  Can any of us really distinguish between doing something sane from insane?  We all know that common sense is no longer common; so what makes sense to you might not make sense to me.

I'm saying all of this to say... regardless of Teleka Patrick's mental state... crazy, disturbed, or totally sane... we want her found.  Let's stop questioning what she was thinking or why.  Let's just look for and find her!

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