Friday, July 2, 2010

McNair Must Not Have Played Chess!

If you know me, you won't be shocked to see where I'm going with this...

I'm not in any way, shape or form blaming McNair's wife for what happened to him. But I'm certain that she's thinking about what she could have done to prevent it. You know, less "headaches" ... busy with the kids and tired, busy on the job and tired, or just tired and don't feel like it.

I have way too many married girlfriends who don't feel they need to "take care" of their husbands. They feel if he loves them, he doesn't really have "those" needs. But if you love him, you know he does and you wont let anything get in the way of you fulfilling those needs. One girlfried said "it just makes him stronger and pray more to wait months for it." Really?

Think of it like Chess.

The most IMPORTANT piece on the board is the King. He can take ONE step in any direction he wants. He has but one restriction--don't make a move that will get him captured, else the game is over.

While the King is the most important, the Queen is the most POWERFUL. She can take as many steps as she wants, in any direction, destroying anyone in her way. Her goal is to protect and keep her King.

Then there's the pawn. The lowest, most insignificant piece on the board... or so we think. The pawn can't move sideways or backwards, just forward one step at a time at an angle (always an angle). But if undetected, the pawn can get all the way across the board into your camp.

If it reaches your camp, it gets promoted. Yes, promoted to Queen. Now... there are Two Queens in the house, equally powerful. The first Queen wasn't paying attention, maybe had a headache or was tired.

I'm sure you'll agree that there just cannot be two Queens. And I don't care what you may think, every little pawn wants to be the Powerful Queen and will take any angle necessary to get there. Sure, your King will be loyal to you in the end, after he's played around with the thought of having a more available Queen. But in the end, he will recognize all you've done and life will be well again. Right?

But what about that pawn? That pawn has now tasted the power. That pawn is NOT going back to a Kia after driving an Escalade...but I digress.

Let's go back to the game of Chess. Here's what the rules say "When a player's king is threatened by an opposing piece, it is said to be "in check". The object of a player is not merely to place his opponent's king in check but to MAKE CERTAIN THAT EVERY SQUARE WHERE THE KING HAS A POSSIBILITY OF MOVEMENT IS ALSO COVERED. This is called checkmate. The king is now considered captured. Game over."

Or in other words... two shots in the head and two in the chest while sleeping (no possibility of movement).

Queens... take care of your Kings. He's important, but he can only take one step at a time (I'm not calling him dumb... but hey). You have the power, and you know it. Don't let anyone put your King "in check" except you!

-Queen Shae

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